So, homemade bread is awesome.

So, lately Hannah has been going through a phase of refusing bread. It didn’t matter how I gave it to her–toasted, non-toasted, plain or with jelly or peanut butter or hummus on it–she would refuse it or take at most one or two bites. It’s been a bit frustrating because sandwiches were one quick, easy meal that I could always rely on.

I’ve been baking bread at home the last few days, and yesterday I made a couple loaves of the Soft American-Style White Bread from this cookbook. I replaced a little less than half the white flour with white whole-wheat flour and it came out really nicely. We’ve been eating it all day–I had some for breakfast this morning with a little natural peanut butter on top, and the high fiber and protein content kept me full for a long time. And best of all, I gave some to Hannah, topped with a little jam, and she absolutely devoured it. I guess her tastes are more discerning than mine…. It has a pretty yeasty flavor that almost gives it a bit of sourdough bite. Some people might find it unpleasant, but personally, I really like it. Okay, this is making me want to go and eat more bread. I should probably have some actual dinner instead.

I’d forgotten how much better homemade bread is than store-bought. It’s really amazing, and well worth the effort. Especially if you have a recipe, like this one, that doesn’t take long at all and yields enough dough for multiple loaves that can be stored in the fridge and baked later.

In other news, I bought Hannah a bathing suit for our trip to Chicago and Arizona in August…..


(She is ready to go. Because nothing says “I’m ready to party” like a pair of jean shorts slung over your arm, amirite?)

And one more recipe–last night for dinner, I made this tuna-noodle casserole. Now, I’m pretty sure that I never ate tuna-noodle casserole growing up. My mom is a) not a big cook and b) NOT a big casserole person. I started making casseroles after I met and married my Kansas-bred husband and his love of all things comfort food, and learned to embrace them right around the time that we started paying off a mountain of student loans on a teacher’s and a grad student’s salary. And now, even though I’ve developed a healthy love of casseroles, I can’t say that tuna-noodle is my favorite. BUT–it is filling, and easy, and inexpensive to make. And the recipe I made (and linked above) is also quite healthy. I left out the mushrooms because I didn’t have any, and the bag of peas I thought we had in the freezer turned out to be a figment of my imagination so I used frozen chopped kale instead, with some trepidation. But it turned out fantastic! I also added a dollop of fat-free plain Greek yogurt, and (I know this will seem weird) I had some yogurt-based dill sauce left over from when I made salmon cakes a few nights ago, and I couldn’t bear to waste it so I dumped it in there too. And it actually really helped. It gave the whole casserole just a tiny bit of dill flavor, which was really nice.

All right, that’s all I’ve got. Have a great night!


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